report | Oct 18, 2006

A Harvard Panel Tackles the News Blues

The media landscape has changed dramatically since Harvard’s Shorenstein Center was established 20 years ago. And when journalists and dignitaries assembled there on Oct. 13-14 to evaluate the current role of journalism in our democracy, there was good news and bad. The bad was that new technologies have created credibility concerns and economic problems for mainstream journalists. The good news may be the emergence of the citizen journalist.

report | Oct 6, 2006

The American Journalist

A new book surveying more than 1,000 journalists finds their politics have drifted a bit to the right since the 1990s, but they still remain more liberal than the general US population. With a majority of the public accusing news outlets of political bias, these numbers aren’t likely to silence that noisy debate.

report | Apr 26, 2006

Last Call at the ASNE Saloon

Text of a speech Carroll, the former editor of the Los Angeles Times, gave at the 2006 ASNE Convention in Seattle, Washington, on April 26, 2006.

report | Oct 2, 2005

Media Anger Management

Much has been made of the surge of emotion among journalists who covered the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and to a lesser degree Hurricane Rita.

report | Sep 11, 2005

Reporting Katrina

A comprehensive look at how the news media are covering the hurricane and its aftermath.

report | May 23, 2004

Bottom-Line Pressures Now Hurting Coverage, Say Journalists

Overview This report is part of State of the News Media 2004, a annual publication of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Journalists are unhappy with the way things are going in their profession these days. Many give poor grades to the coverage offered by the types of media that serve most Americans: daily newspapers, […]

report | Mar 13, 2004

Journalist Survey

This section of the State of the News Media 2004 report details the results of a survey of more than 500 national and local reporters, editors and executives. The survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in collaboration with the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Committee of Concerned Journalists.

report | May 22, 2003

Snob Journalism

Thank you. It is an honor, and pleasure, to be here for the Ruhl Symposium. It was also, I have to add, moving to be here for the Payne Awards. Hearing the stories of the winners, of the hardships these journalists had to overcome, including death threats, legal pressure and government coercion, ...

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