Report | Nov 15, 2006
Back to the Age of Local Publishers?

Suddenly, local ownership of newspapers is making something of a comeback. Since the breakup of Knight Ridder last year, and the threat of more cutbacks in newsrooms, private ownership groups and individuals have emerged in cities from Boston to Los Angeles wanting to buy the local paper. Who are they? A rundown.

Report | Aug 7, 2006
Local TV in Transistion

in our fifth roundtable discussion on the future of the news media, industry analysts discuss how local TV news can remain relevant and whether it needs to reinvest more profit back into the product.

Report | May 24, 2006
Philadelphia Story

The city’s two dailies have been sold to a group of local businessmen for $562 million. PEJ offers a look at the deal’s history, players and impact.

Report | Mar 19, 2006
State of the News Media 2006: Local TV

Local TV news continues to face a complex future. The situation with audiences is hardly ideal. Ratings for the key early evening newscasts appear in most markets to be continuing their decline, and there may be trouble now in the early morning. But there are some indications that late local news, the programs that air after prime time, may be improving their audience appeal.

Report | Sep 11, 2005
Reporting Katrina

A comprehensive look at how the news media are covering the hurricane and its aftermath.

Report | Mar 19, 2005
State of the News Media 2005: Local TV

After several difficult years, there are some positive signs heading into 2005 for local television news, the most pervasive source of news for Americans, if not always the most respected.

Report | Mar 19, 2004
State of the News Media 2004: Local TV

In nearly every aspect of local television – from viewership to economics to ownership structure – there are mixed signals of health and challenge. The next few years may determine whether the industry ultimately heads up or down. But at least one survey shows more people who work in local television news are pessimistic than optimistic about the industry’s future.

Report | Nov 1, 2002
Local TV News Project 2002

In a year when the nation was changed by the war on terrorism, a recession and financial scandals, the Project for Excellence in Journalism's fifth annual study found that local television news remained largely unchanged. The study was published in the November/December 2002 issue of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Report | Nov 20, 2001
Cities Online: Urban Development and the Internet

This report examines how institutions in five cities (Austin, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon and Washington, D.C.) are adapting to the Internet as an economic development and community-building tool. The experiences in these communities suggests that the Internet is best used to encourage bottom-up initiatives, encourage and nurture catalytic individuals in communities, encourage public funding for technology programs, encourage “bridging” among groups, and encourage experimentation.

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