Report | Dec 16, 2010
Generations 2010

Major trends in how different generations of Americans use the internet

Report | Sep 13, 2010
The Power of Mobile

What will happen when the untapped knowledge of every patient, of every caregiver, of everyone who has something of value to share actually has the opportunity to share it?

Report | Sep 1, 2010
Latinos Online 2010

Technology use among foreign-born Latinos continues to lag significantly behind that of their U.S.-born counterparts.

Report | Aug 11, 2010
Home Broadband 2010

Broadband adoption slowed dramatically in 2010, but growth among African-Americans jumped well above the national average; 53% of Americans do not think affordable broadband should be a government priority.

Report | Apr 27, 2010
Government Online

The internet gives citizens new paths to government services and information.

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