short reads | Jan 10, 2014

Data Feed: Jobs report, Twitter and news, gender preferences

A daily roundup of fresh data from scholars, governments, think tanks, pollsters and other social science researchers. Politics Liberal self-identification edges up in 2013, Gallup For first time, most lawmakers worth over $1 Million, Center for Responsive Politics Why people call themselves “independent” even when they aren’t, The Washington Post Employment Unemployment rate drops to […]

report | Nov 4, 2013

Twitter News Consumers: Young, Mobile and Educated

The eight percent of U.S. adults who consume news on Twitter tend to be younger, wealthier and more highly educated than Facebook users and the population overall, according to a new analysis of Twitter users.

report | Oct 2, 2013

On Twitter: dueling views on the shutdown and Obamacare Methodology This analysis employed media research methods that combined Pew Research’s content analysis rules with computer coding software developed by Crimson Hexagon. This report is based on examinations of more than 1.5 million tweets. Crimson Hexagon is a software platform that identifies statistical patterns in words used in online texts. Researchers enter key terms […]

short reads | Oct 2, 2013

On Twitter: Dueling views on the shutdown and Obamacare

Two separate, but related conversations have been prominent on Twitter—one about the government shutdown and the other about President Obama's health care law, the landmark legislation at the heart of the Congressional impasse that triggered the shutdown.

short reads | Sep 13, 2013

Planned Twitter IPO follows years of user growth

Twitter's announcement on Sept. 12 that it planned to go public with an initial public offering follows seven years of growth in the user of the social media platform.

short reads | Jul 17, 2013

On Twitter: Anger greets the Zimmerman verdict

The response on Twitter to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin was almost equally divided between sharing news about the verdict and weighing in on it. And among those offering opinions about the outcome, their conclusion was very different from the jurors’. According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of nearly […]

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