Report | Jul 2, 2010
The future of social relations

Most experts surveyed in the latest Pew Internet/Elon University study say social benefits of Internet use far outweigh negatives; some say it robs time, exposes private information, engenders intolerance.

Report | Jun 11, 2010
The future of cloud computing

Technology experts and stakeholders say they expect they will ‘live mostly in the cloud’ in 2020 and not on the desktop, working mostly through cyberspace-based applications accessed through networked devices.

Report | May 4, 2010
The Fate of the Semantic Web

Technology experts and stakeholders who participated in a recent survey believe online information will continue to be organized and made accessible in smarter and more useful ways in coming years.

Report | Mar 31, 2010
The Impact of the Internet on Institutions in the Future

Technology experts and stakeholders believe that innovative forms of online cooperation could result in more efficient and responsive for-profit firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies by the year 2020.

Presentation | Mar 31, 2010
Future of the Internet

A look at the latest survey results about how experts predict the future impact of technology.

Report | Feb 19, 2010
Future of the Internet IV

Is Google making us stupid? Most experts surveyed in a new Pew Internet/Elon University study say the Internet enhances and augments human intelligence.

Report | Feb 19, 2010
Future of the Internet IV

Experts and stakeholders discuss predictions about the future of the internet. Update: Correction.

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