Short Read | May 19, 2016
Americans’ views of women as political leaders differ by gender

For the first time in history, a woman is the leading candidate for the presidential nomination of a major U.S. political party. As Democrat Hillary Clinton wages her campaign to be the first female chief executive, what do Americans have to say in general about the prospects and qualifications of female candidates for high political […]

Report | Mar 25, 2016
Gender and Leadership

Survey Details: Conducted November 2014 | File Release Date: 22 March 2016

Report | Jan 14, 2015
Women and Leadership

Most Americans say women are every bit as capable of being good leaders as men, whether in political offices or in corporate boardrooms. So why, then, are they underrepresented in top jobs?

Short Read | Sep 9, 2014
The divide over ordaining women

Only 11% of American congregations were led by women in 2012, according to press reports of an upcoming National Congregations Study survey. That figure hasn’t changed since 1998.

Short Read | Mar 10, 2014
Is the Mormon Church expanding the role of women?

Pew Research Center surveys show that Mormons are more supportive of traditional gender roles for women, and against allowing women to be priests, but the Church is taking some steps to expand women's roles.

Short Read | Mar 6, 2014
Data Feed: Pope’s first year, SAT trends, women in parliament

A daily roundup of fresh data from scholars, governments, think tanks, pollsters and other social science researchers. Politics Why Republicans should be worried about 2016, The Washington Post Secretary of State John Kerry’s favorability rising in U.S., Gallup Obama’s approval hits new low, topline, Fox News Republicans resistant to Christie for 2016 bid, Washington Post/ABC […]

Short Read | Dec 11, 2013
Who’s the boss? In U.S. business, it’s mostly men

Fewer than 5% of Fortune 1000 companies have women CEOs, and only 10% of women nationally say they're a boss or top manager. Women are consistently less likely than men to say they want to be a boss someday.

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