report | Apr 14, 2009

A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States

The nation's 11.9 million unauthorized immigrants are more geographically dispersed than in the past, according to a new demographic and geographic analysis of this group that includes population and labor force estimates for each state.

fact sheet | May 8, 2008

Hispanic Women in the United States, 2007

There are 30.1 million Hispanic adults in the United States and 14.4 million of them--or 48%--are women, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

short reads | Feb 20, 2008

A Widening Hardship Gap

The gap between the wealthiest and poorest people in affording basic items is much wider now than it was during the 1992 economic downturn; more than six-in-ten (62%) self-described “working class” people now say their incomes are falling behind the cost of living

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