Susannah Fox

Former Researcher

presentation | Feb 18, 2010

Media & Medicine in Modern America

Susannah Fox delivered a guest lecture for a history of medicine course regarding the role of the internet in health care over the last 15 years.

report | Feb 2, 2010

What’s the point of Health 2.0?

I believe that, although very few people engage with their health on a daily or even weekly basis, it is important to understand what they do when their attention is focused on a health question.

presentation | Jan 20, 2010

Federal Agencies: First Responders to Health Questions

Susannah Fox will provide data on the current internet population, with a particular focus on health communication, wireless adoption, social media, and implications for public health planning.

report | Jan 13, 2010

Four in ten seniors go online

38% of adults age 65 and older go online, a significantly lower rate of adoption than the general population (74%).

report | Jan 6, 2010

Strategic Learning for Health Care in 2010

Social media is simply the current expression of patient activation and engagement. But this time e-patients are part of a larger cultural change that assumes access to information, enables communication among disparate groups, and expects progress.

report | Dec 22, 2009

Latinos Online, 2006-2008: Narrowing the Gap

From 2006 to 2008, internet use among Latino adults rose by 10 percentage points, from 54% to 64%, compared with a four percentage point rise among whites and a two percentage point rise among blacks.

report | Dec 22, 2009

Latinos Online, 2006-2008

64% of Latino adults ages 18 and older used the internet in 2008, compared with 54% of Latinos in 2006.

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