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eHealth: A Driver for Growth and Innovation

Susannah Fox will participate in a transatlantic dialogue on how technology can enable innovation and transformation in the field of health.

The event, hosted by  European Voice and Roll Call, will take place in Brussels (and simultaneously in Washington DC), and will include a live exchange of EU-US political and practitioners’ perspectives.

The findings of a study on “Enabling technologies for e-health” will be presented by Professor Dan Hamilton of the Center for Transatlantic Studies at Johns Hopkins University (US), and Professor Wendy Currie from Warwick Business School (UK) and will form the starting-point for the discussion.

A group of around 60 stakeholders, industry leaders, EU officials, national government representatives as well as patient representatives will be discussing e-health across both sides of the Atlantic. Here are some of the questions that the discussion will cover:

  • Determinants for market growth in the health sector;
  • Policy, investment, education and training needs;
  • Areas of focus for international/ transatlantic dialogue: best practices, lessons learnt, and stakeholder involvement

Discussions will be moderated by Tim King, editor of European Voice.

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