Susannah Fox

Former Researcher

presentation | Nov 8, 2010

Adolescence, Mobile Technology & Culture

Mobile health technology is being used to reach adolescent populations from different cultural backgrounds. Susannah Fox will add Pew Internet's data about health, mobile, and teens to the discussion.

presentation | Oct 21, 2010

Lessons Learned: Online Patient Communities

Susannah Fox participated in a discussion of how the maturation of online social networks, patient communities, and patient blogs affects health and health care.

report | Oct 19, 2010

Mobile Health 2010

The online health-information environment is going mobile, particularly among younger adults.

report | Oct 11, 2010

Building a Research Agenda for Participatory Medicine

Spot the opportunity: Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. Nearly half of American adults use online social network sites. Networks magnify whatever they are seeded with, for good or for ill.

presentation | Oct 7, 2010

Behavior Change, Health 2.0, and the Unmentionables

Susannah Fox will guide a discussion of a combination of tools, content, and community changes that factor into health improvement. But what actually drives behavior change? And are we even asking the right questions?

presentation | Sep 28, 2010

Chronic Disease in the Internet Age

People living with chronic disease are among the least likely to have internet access, yet once online they often dive deeply into gathering, sharing, and creating health information.

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