Mary Madden

Former Senior Researcher

report | Aug 8, 2007

YouTube Suit Gets Backup Band

The National Music Publisher's Association recently joined the YouTube class action copyright infringement suit, along with the likes of Viacom and those who started the Zidane-style retaliatory headbutting in the first place (none other than the ...

report | Aug 7, 2007

This is Library 2.0

I must admit, when I think about the cutting-edge institutions that are leading us into the future, Topeka, Kansas is not usually the first thing that comes to mind.

report | Jul 31, 2007

What are parents doing to protect teens online?

Recent headlines about the discovery and removal of 29,000 registered sex offenders on MySpace have added fuel to the fiery debate about the safety of online social networks.

report | Jul 25, 2007

Online Video

The growing adoption of broadband combined with a dramatic push by content providers to promote online video has helped to pave the way for mainstream audiences to embrace online video viewing. Fifty-seven percent of online adults have used the inter...

report | May 9, 2007

Music, interrupted

International fans of Pandora’s streaming online music service will have to deal with a rude awakening this week when the company is forced to disable accounts based outside of the U.S. due to licensing issues.

report | Apr 18, 2007

Teens, Privacy and Online Social Networks

The majority of teens actively manage their online profiles to keep the information they believe is most sensitive away from the unwanted gaze of strangers, parents and other adults.

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