Amanda Lenhart

Former Director of Teens and Technology Research at the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

report | Jun 27, 2007


About a third of online teens say they have been targets of online harassement. Older girls and intense internet users are the most likely to report these experiences.

report | May 14, 2007

Briefing Panelists Debunk Online Safety Myths

The main point of the recent congressional briefing panel was to stop the misinformation and obfuscation around the issue of online child victimization, and to focus on the facts and observations that had emerged from our collective research.

report | Apr 18, 2007

Teens, Privacy and Online Social Networks

The majority of teens actively manage their online profiles to keep the information they believe is most sensitive away from the unwanted gaze of strangers, parents and other adults.

report | Nov 29, 2006

Teens, IM and Mark Foley

Now that the election is long past and the Mark Foley scandal is perhaps a slightly less inflammatory subject, we can address some of the inquiries that we’ve gotten about young people and instant messaging.

presentation | Nov 6, 2006

User-Generated Content

More than a third or 35% of online adults create content online, and 57% of teenagers 12-17 make their own content to post to the Web. Younger users and home broadband users are the most avid content creators, and most post their creations online ...

report | Jul 19, 2006


A national phone survey of bloggers finds that most are focused on describing their personal experiences to a relatively small audience of readers.

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