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Census Bureau Releases 2010 American Community Survey Data

The Census Bureau today released data for communities, states and the nation from the 2010 American Community Survey, which enriches and expands on the basic demographics from the 2010 Census. Among the subjects it includes are education, immigration, income, poverty, commuting and housing.

The Census Bureau also released brief reports from the data about health insurance coverage, employment-population ratios for metro areas, household income for states, and the foreign-born population from Latin America and the Caribbean. The bureau also released a separate report from the 2009 ACS on commuting in the U.S.

The bureau’s news release can be found here. The bureau’s website has an all-in-one page with extensive background and links that enable users to get to highlights from the data, newly released ACS briefs, the commuting report, links to the data in the American FactFinder data retrieval tool, and background on the questionnaire and methodology.

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