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Data Feed: Obama vs. Putin, how spending changes with age, Ukraine’s demographic changes

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Politics American voters divided on whether Obama or Putin is a stronger leader, Quinnipiac Map: The oldest and youngest congressional delegations, Washington Post Can Democrats match Tea Party enthusiasm for midterms? The Wall Street Journal McAuliffe’s 2013 win not a model for Democratic victory in midterms, FiveThirtyEight

Economy Working women boost family economic mobility, The Pew Charitable Trusts But if women’s wages are rising, why are so many families getting poorer? The Atlantic Janet Yellen’s labor market “dashboard”, Bloomberg News In strong U.S. IPO market, 64 companies raised $10.6 billion in Q1, Renaissance Capital More house, less booze: How spending changes from ages 25 to 75, NPR Overdraft fees at banks hit a high, despite curbs, The Wall Street Journal Net energy imports in 2013 lowest in more than 20 years, EIA Interactive: Tracking the economies of 100 largest U.S. metro areas, Brookings Interactive: Comparing car companies on number of recalls, Time

Health & Society Why are northerners born earlier in the year than southerners? Business Insider Sprawling cities face more car wrecks and higher obesity, The Wall Street Journal For several years now, Americans have been driving less, Washington Post Which presidential libraries get the most visitors? The Economist

International Ukraine’s changing demography since independence in 1991, PRB Most Afghans lack confidence in elections, Gallup Map: Where is Bitcoin legal? CNN Money Values stressed by parents affect attitudes about work, fertility, WSJ

Random Sample Here’s how to really compare apples with oranges, The Economist

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