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Data Feed: Federal drug prosecutions, American coal exports, social trust, partisan media effects

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Politics NYC voters back Cuomo’s no-tax pre-K plan over de Blasio’s, Quinnipiac New evidence for partisan media effects, Public Opinion Quarterly

Economy U.K., Netherlands are top importers of U.S. coal…, The Wall Street Journal …as more U.S. coal-fired power plants are scheduled to shut down, EIA Which occupations have the oldest, youngest workers? BLS via DemoMemo VCs not giving most tech startups big valuations out of the gate, The Wall Street Journal Real spending on travel and tourism accelerated in 4Q 2013, Bureau of Economic Analysis 28% say now is a good time to find a quality job — highest in 6+ years, Gallup

Health & Society Federal drug prosecutions fall to lowest level in over 13 years, TRAC Syracuse Adolescent inhalant use fell 21% in 2012, SAMHSA Social trust associated with intelligence, health & happiness, PLOS Immigrant youth in Georgia lagging academically, Migration Policy Institute Growth and diversification of immigrants at city, neighborhood levels, Urban Institute Education, finances affect risk of heart disease more for women than men, U. Mich. Panel: Mental health issues persist from N.J. victims of Sandy, Monmouth U. Women might work less than men, but they also have less free time, Washington Post

International Western banks lend billions to Russian businesses, CNN Money Fertility rates falling in many developing countries, The Wall Street Journal Less access to labor leads to lower productivity for Africa’s female farmers, World Bank

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