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Data Feed: Biggest nonprofit donors, what world’s Catholics think, favorite first ladies

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Americans like Michelle Obama, except for GOP conservatives, Pew Research Center
Democrats are from cities, Republicans are from exurbs, Daily Kos
51% in Colorado say legalization of marijuana is bad for state’s image, Quinnipiac

A look at consumption inequality, 1992-2012, Chris Walker
State-by state projections for 2014 job growth, The Pew Charitable Trusts
More people quitting their jobs as optimism grows, The Wall Street Journal
Workforce participation highest in cities, lowest in rural counties, The Wall Street Journal
5 facts on poverty, inequality and mobility, Brookings
Sales of $2 million+ homes booming in California, The Wall Street Journal
High prices show stresses in New England natural gas system, EIA

Health & Society
America’s biggest nonprofit donors in 2013, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Which causes do millionaires donate to? Timetric
Millions trapped in health-law coverage gap, The Wall Street Journal
Antidepressant use rose for nearly all age groups between 2000-2010, HHS
Almost one-third of all foreign students in U.S. are from China, Chronicle of Higher Ed.
What students, alumni and employers think about for-profit colleges, Public Agenda
Why are millennials so mobile? comScore

Global poll of Catholics finds church divided over doctrine, Univision
Analysis/methodology and writeup of Catholic poll, Univision/Washington Post
50.3% Swiss voters back quotas for immigration from EU countries, BBC
Indicators point to improving economic conditions in most advanced countries, OECD
Compendium of UK statistics on population and migration, Office for National Statistics
Average number of children per household in the Americas, LAPOP/Vanderbilt

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