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Most Asian Americans See More Opportunity in U.S. than Country of Origin

When it comes to getting ahead economically, about three-fourths (73%) of Asian Americans say that the U.S. offers better opportunities than their country of origin. An additional 18% say that the economic opportunities are similar in both places, while only 5% perceive better opportunities in their country of origin. The majority of respondents from each Asian-American subgroup say that the U.S. offers more opportunities to get ahead than their country of origin. The prevalence of this opinion varies somewhat among these groups. For example, 94% of Vietnamese Americans agree with the statement, compared with 69% of Korean Americans, 66% of Japanese Americans and 65% of Chinese Americans.About one-fifth of respondents in each of these groups say that opportunities are similar in the U.S. and their country of origin. Native-born respondents are somewhat more likely than the foreign born to perceive more opportunities in the U.S. than in their country of origin. Some 79% of Asian Americans born in the U.S. agree, compared with 71% of Asian Americans born outside of the U.S. This pattern is particularly notable among Chinese Americans; while 82% of the native born agree with this statement, the share drops to 61% among the foreign born. Significant nativity differences exist among Korean Americans (84% vs. 66%) and Indian Americans (86% vs. 70%) as well. Read More