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Most Say the U.S. Has No Responsibility to Act in Syria

There is strong public sentiment against the United States to intervene in the fighting occurring in Syria between government forces and anti-government groups. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans say the United States does not have a responsibility to do something about the conflict. Similar percentages oppose the prospect of a U.S.-load coalition strike on Syrian military forces in the name of protecting anti-government groups, as was done in Libya. Also unpopular was he notion of aiding the opposition with arms and military supplies..

A survey conducted March 7-11 found this opposition to be bipartisan. Majorities of both Republicans and Democrats said that the U.S. did not have a responsibility to get involved and opposed both air strikes (62%) and military assistance (63%).

In the run up to the to the allied bombing campaign in Libya last year, 69% of Americans opposed arming anti-government rebels and 77% opposed bombing Libyan air defenses. Read More