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Government Does Not Give Enough Support to Vets

The American public does not think the U.S. government does enough for returning war veterans. Only 32% say the government gives enough support to troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, while nearly twice as many (62%) say the government does not provide enough support. The public is divided on whether the American people give enough support to returning soldiers — 47% say they do, while 49% disagree. Opinion tilts more negatively among the families of those who have served in the military since the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Households with veterans say the American people do not give enough support to returning soldiers by a 58%-to-38% margin. When people who say the government has not provided enough support for returning troops are asked for specific problems, 42% cite medical care while nearly as many (37%) cite a lack of help with financial issues. About a third of the public cites mental health issues, including 11% who specifically mention post-traumatic stress disorder. Read More