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Japanese Greatly Appreciate U.S. Earthquake Assistance

The aid provided by the United States to Japan in the aftermath of the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami is well recognized and much appreciated. Among the Japanese public, 57% say the U.S. gave a great deal of assistance to Japan to assist with the recovery, while another 32% say the U.S. provided a fair amount of assistance. Far fewer in Japan say the European Union (17% say they provided a great deal of assistance), United Nations (15%) or China (12%) have done a great deal to assist their country with the aftermath of the disaster.Thanks in part to American relief efforts, favorable opinion of the U.S. in Japan is at its highest point in nearly a decade, climbing 19 points to 85% positive this spring. The image of the UN has also improved in conjunction with earthquake assistance, and China’s image has seen a modest uptick. Read More