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Positive Reaction to the Confederate Flag

Just one-in-ten Americans (9%) have a positive reaction when they see the Confederate flag displayed. Fewer than a third (30%) have a negative reaction, though. A 58%-majority say they have neither a positive or negative reaction when seeing the Confederate flag. Not surprisingly, there are disparate reactions to the Civil War flag of the South among different demographic groups. Far more African Americans than whites have a negative reaction to the Confederate flag (41% to 29%). Still, about as many blacks have no reaction (45%) as a negative reaction to the Confederate flag. College graduates (46%) are more likely than those with some college (33%) or a high school education or less (18%) to have a negative reaction. Partisan differences exist as well. Many more Democrats (44%) have a negative reaction to the Confederate flag than do independents (27%) or Republicans (21%). Fewer than one-in-ten (8%) say they display the Confederate flag in places such as their home or office, on their car or on their clothing; 91% say they do not. Read More