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Overturn Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement

By a 54%-to-36% margin, Egyptians say their country should annul its three-decade-old peace agreement with Israel. Egyptian Muslims who sympathize with those who disagree with Islamic fundamentalists are nearly evenly divided in their views on the peace treaty; 48% favor maintaining the treaty with Israel and 51% favor annulment. Among those who sympathize with fundamentalists or who do not choose a side, the balance of opinion is in favor of annulling the treaty (51% favor annulment, 34% favor maintainance). Views on the peace treaty with Israel also vary by income group. Six-in-ten among those with lower incomes support annulling the peace agreement, while 45% of higher-income Egyptians agree. Attitudes also differ by education: 59% of those with a primary education or less favor annulling the treaty, while only 40% of those with a college education or more feel the same way. Read More