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Fewer Tuning into Cable and Broadcast for News

Television remains Americans main source for news, as two thirds say they get most of their news about national and international news from TV. This percentage is down substantially, however, from three years ago (74%) and television’s peak of news dominance in 2002 (82%). Reflecting the decline in television news audiences, the proportion of people specifically citing cable news outlets or broadcast networks as their main news source has fallen as well. CNN, the Fox News Channel or MSNBC are cited by 36% of the public as their television destination for news. Another 22% name ABC News, CBS News or NBC News. Compared with five years ago, the share citing a cable network as their main source is down seven points (from 43% to 36%), and the share citing a broadcast network is down eight points (from 30% to 22%). The percentage of Americans tuning into local news (currently 16%) has remained relatively constant over this period. Read More