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Good Dads

When respondents in a Pew Research survey were asked to evaluate a battery of traits that make for a good husband or male partner, they overwhelmingly (93%) rated being a good father as very important. Next in line in importance were being caring and compassionate (89%), and putting one’s family before anything else (82%). Only about half (48%) saw being a good sexual partner as a very important quality for a good husband, exactly the same percentage that rated this as an important quality for a good wife. But many more look to Dad to bring home the family bacon than expect the same of Mom. When it comes to providing a good income, about four-in-ten adults (41%) think this is a very important quality for a good husband or partner, compared with less than half that share (19%) who think this quality is very important for a good wife. Men and women largely agree on the most important qualities in a spouse, be it male or female. But there are significant differences by race. For example, blacks and Hispanics are roughly twice as likely as whites to say it is very important that a spouse (be it a man or a woman) be well educated,be good at household chores and provide a good income (at least for a woman). Read More