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Tea Party Drives Anti-Trade Opinion Among Republicans

Free trade agreements are becoming increasingly unpopular among Republicans. In November 2009, a 43%-plurality of Republicans said that free trade agreements like NAFTA and the policies of the WTO are good for the Unitedf States. In an October 2010 survey, however, just 28% saw free trade agreements as good for the U.S., while fully 54% said they are bad for the country. Much of the anti free trade sentiment comes from Republicans who align with the Tea Party. Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who agree with the Tea Party, 63% say free trade agreements are bad for the U.S. Among Republicans who do not agree with the Tea Party or have no opinion of the group, opinion on free trade agreements is split (42% say it’s a good thing, 42% say it’s a bad thing). Overall, about half (51%) of all Republican and Republican leaners say they agree with the Tea Party while 42% have no opinion; very few (5%) disagree with the Tea Party. Read More