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Abortion Not Driving Health Care Opposition

While arguments over abortion have taken a prominent position in the national debate over health care reform, very few Americans opposed tohealth care reform cite abortion as a reason for their opposition. When opponents of health care reform were asked in an open-ended question to describe their main reason for opposing reform, just 3% raised the issue of abortion funding. Far more cite the cost of the legislation and fears of the government being involved in health care as reasons for opposing reform, according to a November 2009 survey. Even when provided a list of reasons for opposing health care reform just 8% of reform opponents chose abortion. By comparison 38% cited too much government involvement in health care, 27% said it would be too expensive for the country and 14% said their own health care would suffer. When opponents of legislation were asked if abortion funding is a “major reason” for opposing reform, a majority did agree, but this again is far less than the numbers saying government involvement (85%) and cost (78%) are major reasons for opposing health care reform. Read More