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Working Moms: Hectic but No Less Happy Life

Working mothers often feel the pull of their competing roles in the office and at home. While only 24% of the public reports always being rushed, fully 40% of working mothers with children under age 18 say they always feel rushed, and another 52% say they sometimes feel rushed. Mothers who do not work (26%) and working fathers (25%) are much less likely to always feel rushed. Stay-at-home moms are about as likely to feel stressed (82%) as are working moms(86%) but both are significantly more stressed than are working fathers (74%). Still, while working mothers may face a more chaotic life, they are no less happy than other parents. Both 36% of working moms and stay-at-home moms — as well as roughly the same number of working fathers (38%) — report being very happy with their lives. And working moms are also just as likely to be very satisfied with their family life as moms who do not work (78% of working moms vs. 75% of at-home moms). One group that is less happy, however, are single mothers with children under age 18. Only 27% of this group say they are very happy, and just 63% are very satisfied with their family life. Read More