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Little Pink Houses

While the suburbs have long been the subject of harsh critiques, it turns out that America’s cul-de-sac dwellers are in fact the most satisfied with their communities; 42% of suburban residents give their community high marks. Survey respondents were asked to rate their community on eight characteristics — ranging from a good place to raise children to cultural activities — and residents of the burbs easily topped those in cities (34%), rural areas (29%) and small towns (25%) in community satisfaction. Demographics make a difference though: Not surprisingly, the more affluent and educated are more satisfied with their communities, and these groups are more likely to live in suburbs than other communities. So do people want to live in suburbs? Not necessarily. Only 25% cited suburbs as where they would prefer to live. The place most frequently cited as most desirable to live in is, interestingly, the type of area in which current residents report the least community satisfaction: small towns.Read More