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Trading Away U.S. Jobs

By a margin of more than six-to-one (61% to 9%), the U.S. public now says free trade agreements result in job losses rather than in new jobs; a solid majority (56%) also says that free trade makes wages lower in the United States, and half (50%) say it slows the economy.Nor do most Americans see a benefit from trade in lower prices for things they buy. A 39% plurality says free trade leads to higher prices for Americans, while 29% say that prices are lower because of free trade. In December of 2006, a slim plurality said free trade agreements lead to lower prices for American consumers. The public does see one beneficiary from free trade agreements: people in developing countries. By a 58% to 12% margin, Americans say free trade is good for the people of developing countries. Opinion on this last question has changed little since December 2006.Read More