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Muslim Americans Support for U.S. War on Terror

The relatively low levels of support among US Muslims for using force in Iraq and Afghanistan are consistent with their doubts about the U.S.-led war on terrorism. A majority of Muslims in America (55%) say that they do not believe the war on terrorism is a sincere attempt to reduce international terrorism, while half as many (26%) say the U.S. effort is genuine. Native-born Muslims are even more likely than the foreign-born to express skepticism about U.S. intentions in the war on terrorism (71% vs. 49%, respectively). Muslim Americans’ views on the war on terrorism are similar to levels of skepticism about U.S. intentions among Muslims in other parts of the world. A majority of Muslims in Morocco (66%), Turkey (63%), Pakistan (59%) and Jordan (52%) doubt the sincerity of the U.S.-led war on terrorism, according to the 2004 Pew Global Attitudes study. Read More