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report | May 5, 2016


This study examined anonymized cellphone audience behavioral data collected by the web analytics firm through the lens of engaged time spent with long- versus short-form news articles. The data stem from activity on a mix of general and niche websites that are clients of is a web analytics firm launched in 2012 […]

report | Mar 5, 2015


The study involved five separate research methodologies in each city, each of which is detailed below. City Selection Process The three cities studied as a part of Local News in a Digital Age are not meant to be representative of the United States as a whole, but rather serve as detailed case studies of local […]

short read | Mar 17, 2014

5 key findings about digital news audiences

Web visitors who arrive at news sites by typing in a URL or clicking a bookmark behave quite differently from those who arrive via search engine or social media.

report | Jun 3, 2013

Newsweek By the Numbers

After a few very difficult years, Newsweek magazine, which sold for $1 three years ago, may be up for sale again. A Pew Research Center analysis of news magazine economics in the past half dozen years finds that in a difficult period for newsweeklies in general, the turmoil and decline at Newsweek has been particularly noteworthy.

report | Mar 13, 2014

Audience Routes: Direct, Search & Facebook

This study focused primarily on the three main paths internet users take to get to the 26 most popular news websites: Direct visitors who either type a URL into the browser or use a bookmark; those who come through a query on a search engine; and those who get news by following links they see […]

report | Nov 21, 2013

Religious Groups’ Views on End-of-Life Issues

Religious leaders, scholars and ethicists from 16 major American religious groups explain how their faith traditions’ teachings address physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia and other end-of-life questions.

report | Oct 2, 2012


Background 1. Where do the restrictions on religious organizations’ participation in the political process come from? The Internal Revenue Code prohibits intervention in political campaigns by organizations that are exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3), including religious organizations. To qualify for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must meet […]

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