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report | Apr 15, 2021

3. Americans’ views of the problems facing the nation

The affordability of health care is high on the public’s list of the biggest problems in the country today, with 56% of adults describing this as “a very big problem” and an additional 30% rating it “a moderately big problem.” Health care costs is the only issue of the 15 asked on the survey seen […]

report | Aug 8, 2022

1. A sampling of overarching views on the metaverse

The following incisive and comprehensive responses to our questions about the future of the metaverse represent some of the big ideas shared by a small selection of the hundreds of thought leaders who participated in this canvassing. ‘We have always been living in a quasi-multiverse’ Sam Lehman-Wilzig, professor of communication at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and […]

report | Mar 18, 2021


The starting point for the analysis is household survey-based estimates of regional income distributions from the World Bank’s PovcalNet database. The global regions are as defined by the World Bank. In this report, “advanced economies” refers to the group of countries listed as “other high income” by the World Bank. These data were used to […]

report | May 13, 2021


This analysis examines a complete set of Facebook posts and tweets created on any account managed by any voting member of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives between Jan. 1, 2016, and April 5, 2021. Researchers used the Facebook Graph API, CrowdTangle4 API and Twitter API to download the posts. The resulting dataset contains more […]

report | Jun 29, 2023

#BlackLivesMatter Turns 10

More than 44 million #BlackLivesMatter tweets from nearly 10 million distinct users currently exist on Twitter today. Over half of all existing tweets that include the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag were posted from May to September 2020.

report | Feb 7, 2022

Visions of the Internet in 2035

Asked to "imagine a better world online," experts hope for a ubiquitous – even immersive – digital environment that promotes fact-based knowledge, offers better defense of individuals’ rights, empowers diverse voices and provides tools for technology breakthroughs and collaborations to solve the world’s wicked problems.

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