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report | Feb 16, 2021

2. Religious affiliation and congregations

Most Black Americans identify as Protestant. And unlike Black Americans in other faith traditions, the majority of Black Protestant churchgoers attend religious services at a house of worship where both the leadership and most other congregants are Black. Defining Black congregations To help analyze survey data, this report splits Black Protestants’ places of worship into […]

report | Dec 12, 2019

Appendix A: Methodology

Data sources and analytical approaches used in the report are described in this section. First, this appendix provides shares of the populations that are represented in the study and details on the underlying source data. It goes on to explain how household types were categorized based on relationships in household rosters and how household sizes […]

report | Dec 12, 2019

1. Household patterns by region

Pew Research Center analyzed data on living arrangements in 130 countries, including 26 in the Asia-Pacific region, 40 in sub-Saharan Africa, 35 in Europe, 19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and eight in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the U.S. and Canada, which in this report make up North America. […]

report | Jun 21, 2023

4. Themes: The best and most beneficial changes in digital life that are likely by 2035

This chapter covers the themes that emerged among respondents’ answers to the question, “As you look ahead to the year 2035, what are the best and most beneficial changes in digital life that are likely to occur in digital technology and humans’ use of digital systems?” The remarks echo the major themes found in the […]

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