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report | Mar 15, 2022

Black Catholics in America

Most Black Catholic churchgoers are racial minorities in their congregations, unlike White and Hispanic Catholics – and Black Protestants

report | Aug 30, 2023

4. Christianity

There is a range of estimates for the number of Christians in China, partly because different researchers use varying sources and methods, and partly because some analyses make adjustments to account for limitations in survey and government data.53 One perspective is provided by responses to the Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) question “What is your […]

report | Aug 30, 2023

Government policy toward religion in the People’s Republic of China – a brief history

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is officially atheist, and its members are not permitted to join any religion. The party’s attitude aligns with the Marxist view that religion is a temporary historical phenomenon that will disappear as societies advance. Although this stance has not changed in the seven decades since the state’s founding, policies on […]

report | Jan 3, 2023

Faith on the Hill

While there has been a decades-long decline in the Christian share of U.S. adults, 88% of the voting members in the new 118th Congress identify as Christian. That is only a few points lower than their share in the late 1970s.

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