Belief in God among adults who would rather have a smaller government with fewer services by state (2014) Switch to: State among adults who would rather have a smaller government with fewer services by belief in God

% of adults who would rather have a smaller government with fewer services who say they…

StateBelieve in God; absolutely certainBelieve in God; fairly certainBelieve in God; not too/not at all certainBelieve in God; don't knowDo not believe in GodOther/don't know if they believe in GodSample size
Alaska65%22%3%< 1%8%1%183
Arizona67%18%4%< 1%10%2%410
Arkansas76%14%3%< 1%5%2%172
Colorado65%19%6%< 1%7%2%278
Connecticut60%28%3%< 1%5%3%196
Georgia74%14%5%< 1%5%2%528
Idaho67%17%4%< 1%10%2%209
Illinois66%19%4%< 1%8%2%721
Iowa72%15%5%2%6%< 1%201
Kansas72%20%3%< 1%5%< 1%204
Kentucky76%12%3%< 1%6%3%245
Maryland67%20%2%< 1%7%3%298
Michigan66%20%3%< 1%9%1%545
Minnesota60%27%4%< 1%6%3%331
Mississippi81%8%3%< 1%6%2%178
Missouri72%15%5%< 1%4%2%402
Montana68%20%5%< 1%6%1%215
Nebraska76%16%2%< 1%4%1%202
New Hampshire48%22%8%1%16%5%180
New Jersey61%22%6%< 1%8%3%437
New Mexico71%18%3%< 1%7%1%153
New York55%23%7%1%11%3%882
North Carolina76%14%2%< 1%6%2%559
North Dakota68%23%2%< 1%5%2%233
Oklahoma73%19%2%< 1%4%2%240
Oregon62%20%4%< 1%10%4%228
Pennsylvania64%22%4%< 1%7%3%793
Rhode Island71%13%2%< 1%9%5%155
South Carolina78%12%2%< 1%5%2%271
South Dakota74%17%3%< 1%5%< 1%212
Vermont53%23%6%< 1%14%4%143
Virginia73%14%5%< 1%5%3%516
Washington60%23%6%< 1%9%1%386
West Virginia75%15%2%< 1%5%3%188
Wisconsin61%25%6%< 1%6%2%369
Wyoming72%12%6%< 1%6%4%230
Sample sizes and margins of error vary from subgroup to subgroup, from year to year and from state to state. You can see the sample size for the estimates in this chart on rollover or in the last column of the table. And visit this table to see approximate margins of error for a group of a given size. Readers should always bear in mind the approximate margin of error for the group they are examining when making comparisons with other groups or assessing the significance of trends over time. For full question wording, see the survey questionnaire.

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