Attendance at religious services among adults who say homosexuality should be accepted by state (2014) Switch to: State among adults who say homosexuality should be accepted by religious attendance

% of adults who say homosexuality should be accepted who attend religious services…

StateAt least once a weekOnce or twice a month/a few times a yearSeldom/neverDon't knowSample size
Alaska22%34%44%< 1%192
Arkansas27%41%33%< 1%137
California21%38%41%< 1%2,580
Colorado19%34%47%< 1%337
Connecticut23%37%39%< 1%291
District of Columbia21%37%41%1%231
Georgia28%38%33%< 1%522
Hawaii17%46%36%< 1%214
Idaho19%32%50%< 1%185
Illinois23%37%40%< 1%850
Indiana24%38%37%< 1%359
Iowa24%36%39%< 1%184
Kansas25%43%33%< 1%170
Kentucky19%41%40%< 1%186
Louisiana34%37%29%< 1%247
Maryland19%40%42%< 1%435
Massachusetts18%32%50%< 1%574
Michigan20%38%42%< 1%595
Minnesota21%43%36%< 1%362
Montana15%38%47%< 1%186
Nebraska26%38%37%< 1%188
Nevada22%38%40%< 1%207
New Hampshire17%27%56%< 1%218
New Jersey26%41%32%< 1%627
New Mexico26%31%43%< 1%189
New York21%37%42%1%1,396
North Carolina25%45%30%< 1%551
North Dakota21%39%41%< 1%183
Ohio25%39%36%< 1%660
Oklahoma26%38%36%< 1%180
Pennsylvania22%39%39%< 1%858
Rhode Island28%32%40%< 1%224
South Carolina34%38%29%< 1%251
South Dakota25%41%33%< 1%181
Tennessee29%31%39%< 1%262
Texas30%38%32%< 1%1,366
Utah34%25%41%< 1%169
Vermont13%35%52%< 1%238
Virginia32%37%31%< 1%538
West Virginia29%41%29%2%143
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