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White Mainline Protestants and Republican Presidential Candidates

Giuliani Generates the Most Enthusiasm Where do white mainline Protestants stand with regard to the announced and potential Republican presidential candidates? A June survey from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press sheds light on this question at this stage of the campaign by measuring name recognition and likelihood of support at the polls. (View a complete discussion of the survey findings and more details on the survey methodology.)

Name Recognition. Among white mainline Protestants, Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters are nearly unanimous in saying they are familiar with Rudy Giuliani, and more than nine-in-ten have heard of Newt Gingrich* (94%) and John McCain (93%). Mitt Romney is known by 78% of white mainline Protestants, and Fred Thompson* is familiar to 68%.

Other Republican candidates and potential candidates are less well-known; among all Republican and Republican leaning registered voters, 51% report having heard of Tommy Thompson, 48% of Mike Huckabee, 43% of Chuck Hagel* and 40% of Sam Brownback.

Likely Support. Among mainline Protestant, Republican registered voters, Giuliani currently generates the most enthusiasm, with nearly one-in-three (30%) saying there is a “good chance” they would vote for him. An additional 46% say there is “some chance,” while only 18% say there is “no chance” Giuliani would get their vote. Fewer than one-in-five mainline Protestants say there is a “good chance” they would vote for Romney (18%), Gingrich (16%) or McCain (16%). Gingrich is viewed most negatively by this group, with 46% saying there is “no chance” they would vote for him, compared to 23% for McCain and 21% for Romney.

Despite being significantly less well-known than many of the other candidates, Fred Thompson generates as much enthusiasm among this group (27% say there is a “good chance” they would vote for him) as do Gingrich and Romney.

* Not an announced candidate as of June 4, 2007.

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