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Latinos in the 2016 Election: Delaware

This profile provides key demographic information on Latino eligible voters 1 and other major groups of eligible voters in Delaware.2 All demographic data are based on Pew Research Center tabulations of the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey. 3

Hispanics in Delaware’s Eligible Voter Population

Population and Electorate in the United States and Delaware, 2014
  • The Hispanic population in Delaware is the 40th largest in the nation. About 83,000 Hispanics reside in Delaware, 0.2% of all Hispanics in the United States.
  • Delaware’s population is 9% Hispanic, the 27th largest Hispanic statewide population share nationally.
  • There are 40,000 Hispanic eligible voters in Delaware—the 40th largest Hispanic statewide eligible voter population nationally. California ranks first with 6.9 million.
  • Some 6% of Delaware eligible voters are Hispanic, the 21st largest Hispanic statewide eligible voter share nationally. New Mexico ranks first with 40%.
  • Some 49% of Hispanics in Delaware are eligible to vote, ranking Delaware 19th nationwide in the share of the Hispanic population that is eligible to vote. By contrast, 82% of the state’s white population is eligible to vote.
Characteristics of Eligible Voters in Delaware and the United States, 2014
Characteristics of Eligible Voters in Delaware, by Race and Ethnicity, 2014