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About One-in-Four U.S. Hispanics Have Heard of Latinx, but Just 3% Use It

2. Who uses Latinx?

A chart showing few have used Latinx, but those under 30 among most likely to do so

While about one-in-four Latinos are aware of the term Latinx, just 3% say they use it to describe themselves, a share that is similar across all major demographic subgroups.

Latinx use is greater among younger Latinos than older Latinos. Some 7% of those ages 18 to 29 say they have used Latinx, while 2% or fewer among those ages 30 and older say the same.

About 5% of college graduates or those have some college experience say they have used Latinx, compared with 2% of those who have a high school degree or less.

Meanwhile, 4% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they have used Latinx, compared with 1% of Republicans and Republican leaners.

In addition, those who have heard of the term Latinx are more likely to use it to describe themselves than adults overall. Among those who say they have heard the term, 14% say they have used it.

A chart showing young Hispanic women stand out among Latinx users

Hispanic women (5%) are slightly more likely than Hispanic men (1%) to say they use Latinx. The share rises to 14% among Hispanic women ages 18 to 29, a substantially higher share than other Hispanic women or men. In all adult age and gender groups other than women ages 18 to 29, the share who say they use Latinx to describe themselves is 2% or lower.

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