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In Views of U.S. Democracy, Widening Partisan Divides Over Freedom to Peacefully Protest

For Further Reading

This study draws upon a rich set of existing research on democratic norms and values in the United States.  This body of research includes prior studies conducted by Pew Research Center, as well as resources and articles from other academics and journalists. The studies listed below address many of the concepts, topics and measures explored in this report and may be a good starting point for those looking to dive deeper into the topic.

Other Studies

Bright Line Watch, 2020,  Survey Reports on American Democracy.

Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, June 2020, Democracy Maybe: Attitudes on Authoritarianism in America.

Other Pew Research Center Reports

Pew Research Center, April 2019, Many Across the Globe Are Dissatisfied with How Democracy is Working.

Pew Research Center, April, 2018, The Public, the Political System and American Democracy.

Pew Research Center, March, 2017, Large Majorities See Checks and Balances, Right to Protest as Essential for Democracy.

Pew Research Center, October, 2016, As Election Nears, Voters Divided Over Democracy and ‘Respect’.


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