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Iraq Prison Scandal Hits Home, But Most Reject Troop Pullout


PEW RESEARCH CENTER FOR THE PEOPLE AND THE PRESSMAY 2004 POLITICAL/BELIEVABILITYFINAL TOPLINEMay 3 - 9, 2004N=1800ON FORM ONE Q.1 PRECEDES Q.2 --- ON FORM TWO, Q.2 PRECEDES Q.1Q.1Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling his job as president?[IF DK ENTER AS DK.IF DEPENDS PROBE ONCE WITH:Overall do you approve or disapprove ofthe way George W. Bush is handling his job as president?IF STILL DEPENDS ENTER AS DK]Dis-Don'tApproveapproveknowMay, 200444488=100Late April, 200448439=100Early April, 2004434710=100Late March, 200447449=100Mid-March, 200446477=100February, 200448448=100Mid-January, 2004563410=100Early January, 200458357=1002003December, 200357349=100November, 2003504010=100October, 200350428=100September, 200355369=100Mid-August, 2003563212=100Early August, 2003533710=100Mid-July, 2003583210=100Early July, 2003602911=100June, 2003622711=100May, 200365278=100April 10-16, 200372226=100April 9, 200374206=100April 2-7, 200369256=100March 28-April 1, 200371236=100March 25-27, 200370246=100March 20-24, 200367267=100March 13-16, 2003553411=100February, 2003543610=100January, 2003583210=1002002December, 2002612811=100Late October, 2002592912=100Early October, 200261309=100Mid-September, 2002672211=100Early September, 2002632611=100Late August, 2002602713=100August, 2002672112=100Late July, 2002652510=100July, 2002672112=100June, 2002702010=100Dis-Don'tApproveapproveknowApril, 2002691813=100Early April, 2002741610=100February, 200278139=100January, 200280119=1002001Mid-November, 20018497=100Early October, 20018488=100Late September, 20018677=100Mid-September, 200180911=100Early September, 2001513415=100August, 2001503218=100July, 2001513217=100June, 2001503317=100May, 2001533215=100April, 2001562717=100March, 2001552520=100February, 2001532126=100ON FORM ONE Q.1 PRECEDES Q.2 --- ON FORM TWO, Q.2 PRECEDES Q.1Q.2All in all, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in thiscountry today?Sat-Dis-NoisfiedsatisfiedOpinionMay, 200433616=100Late February, 200439556=100Early January, 200445487=100December, 200344479=100October, 200338566=100August, 200340537=100April, 200350419=100January, 200344506=100September, 200241554=100Late August, 200247449=100May, 2002444412=100March, 2002504010=100Late September, 200157349=100Early September, 200141536=100June, 200143525=100March, 200147458=100February, 2001464311=100January, 200155414=100September, 200051418=100June, 200047458=100April, 200048439=100August, 199956395=100January, 199953416=100November, 1998464410=100Early September, 199854424=100Late August, 199855414=100Early August, 199850446=100February, 199859374=100January, 199846504=100September, 199745496=100August, 199749465=100January, 199738584=100July, 199629674=100March, 199628702=100October, 199523734=100June, 199525732=100April, 199523743=100July, 199424733=100March, 199424715=100October, 199322735=100September, 199320754=100Sat-Dis-NoisfiedsatisfiedOpinionMay, 199322717=100January, 1993395011=100January, 199228684=100November, 199134615=100Late Feb, 1991 (Gallup)66313=100August, 199047485=100May, 199041545=100January, 198945505=100September, 1988 (RVs)50455=100May, 198841545=100January, 198839556=100ROTATE QUESTIONS A.1 AND A.2, WITH A.3 ALWAYS LASTASK FORM 2 ONLY [N=897]:A.1F2Please tell me what one word best describes your impression of John Kerry.Tell me justthe ONE best word that describes him.(OPEN-END.PROBE ONCE IF RESPONDENT ANSWERS"DON'T KNOW."ACCEPT UP TO TWO RESPONSES, BUT DO NOT PROBE FOR SECOND RESPONSE).GoreMay 2004*Feb 2004March 200016 Good45 Honest24 Boring16 Hopeful26 Democrat12 Good16 Okay21 Good9 Fair12 Better/than Bush15 Liberal9 Capable12 Liar14 Fair9 Honest12 Unknown11 Phony8 Okay11 Politician12 Arrogant7 Politician10 Liberal10 Politician7 Dull9 Dishonest10 Qualified7 I like him9 Indecisive9 Intelligent6 Dishonest9 Wishy-washy9 Knowledgeable6 Incompetent8 Democrat9 Presidential6 Environmentalist7 Dislike8 Veteran6 Dislike7 Don't like7 Sincere6 Follower7 Idiot7 Tall5 Great7 Undecided7 Competent5 Weak7 Untrustworthy6 Experienced5 Intelligent7 Weak6 Ambitious5 Alright6 Capable6 Honorable5 Mediocre6 Competent6 Charismatic5 Fake6 Fair5 Interesting(N=585)6 President/Presidential5 Truthful6 Uncertain(N=752)6 Unsure5 Boring5 Intelligent5 Loser* The numbers listed represent the number of respondents who offered each response; the numbersare not percentages.ASK FORM 2 ONLY [N=897]:A.2F2Please tell me what one word best describes your impression of George W. Bush.Tell me just the ONEbest word that describes him.(OPEN-END.PROBE ONCE IF RESPONDENT ANSWERS "DON'TKNOW".ACCEPT UP TO TWO RESPONSES, BUT DO NOT PROBE FOR SECONDRESPONSE).May 2004*Feb 2004May 200330 Honest27 Honest29 Honest29 Good24 Fair21 Good26 Incompetent24 Leader20 Arrogant26 Leader21 Liar16 Leader24 Arrogant17 Arrogant13 Great16 Strong14 Strong12 Confident15 Integrity12 Christian12 Courageous13 Idiot13 Excellent11 Aggressive11 Christian13 Good11 Christian10 Determined12 Integrity11 Determined10 Stupid9 Stupid11 Integrity9 Liar9 Incompetent 10 Patriot/Patriotic8 Trustworthy8 Dishonest9 Cowboy7 Aggressive7 Confident8 Competent7 Committed7 Determined8 Decisive7 Dishonest7 Idiot8 Idiot7 Okay7 Patriotic8 President6 Dedicated7 Ass8 Strong6 Fair6 Character7 Adequate6 President6 Poor7 Excellent6 War/warrior6 Selfish7 Fair5 Brave(N=748)(N=602)5 Confident5 Courageous5 Decisive5 Dumb5 Excellent5 Great5 Honorable5 Straight-forward* The numbers listed represent the number of respondents who offered each response; the numbersare not percentages.ASK FORM 2 ONLY [N=897]:A.3F2 And what ONE word best describes your impression of Dick Cheney.(OPEN-END.PROBE ONCE IFRESPONDENT ANSWERS "DON'T KNOW".ACCEPT UP TO TWO RESPONSES, BUT DONOT PROBE FOR SECOND RESPONSE).May 2004*23 Okay17 Good14 Intelligent11 Invisible11 Supportive11 Untrustworthy9 Arrogant9 Liar9 Sneaky8 Honest7 Alright7 Old7 Smart6 Competent6 Crook6 Experienced6 Like/likeable6 Unknown5 Dishonest5 Evil5 Greedy5 Knowledgeable5 Puppet/puppet master5 Trust/trustworthy* The numbers listed represent the number of respondents who offered each response; the numbersare not percentages.Q.3How much thought have you given to the coming presidential election . . . Quite a lot oronly a little?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:Quite(VOL.)Only a(VOL.)DK/A lotSomeLittleNoneRef.May, 20045963041=100Late March, 20046043141=100Mid-March, 2004652312*=100Early November, 20007261921=100Late October, 2000666244*=100Mid-October, 20006791941=100Early October, 20006082741=100September, 20005982931=100July, 2000466453*=100June, 2000466435*=100May, 20004844251=100April, 2000457417*=100Q.3 CONTINUED...Quite(VOL.)Only a(VOL.) DK/A lotSomeLittleNoneRef.November, 1996678223*=100October, 19966572611=100Late September, 19966172921=100Early September, 19965633641=100July, 1996553411*=100June, 19965054131=100October, 19927751611=100September, 19926932611=100August, 1992724231*=100June, 19926362911=100Gallup: November, 19887381720=100Gallup: October, 19886992020=100Gallup: August, 198861102720=100Gallup: September, 198857182320=100ASK FORM 1 ONLY [N=904]:Q.4F1All in all, have you been hearing too much, too little, or about the right amount aboutthe presidential campaign so far?Late March 2004Mid-March 2004TotalRVsTotal RVsTotalRVs2829Too much283031332421Too little171418154245Right amount4850484965Don't know/Refused7633100100100100100100(N=730)NO QUESTION 5ASK ALL:Q.6Now, suppose the 2004 presidential election were being held TODAY. If you had to choosebetween George W. Bush, the Republican, John Kerry, the Democrat and Ralph Nader [READ;ROTATE KERRY AND BUSH WITH NADER ALWAYS LAST]who would you vote for?IF OTHER OR DK (Q.6 =4,9), ASK:Q.6a As of TODAY, do you LEAN more to [READ, ROTATE IN SAME ORDER AS Q.6]?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:LateMid-MarchMarch2004200443George W. Bush, the Republican/Lean Bush444246John Kerry, the Democrat/Lean Kerry43496Ralph Nader/Lean Nader645Other/DK (VOL.)75100100100ASK ALL:Q.7Suppose there were only two major candidates for president and you had to choose betweenGeorge W.Bush, the Republican and John Kerry, the Democrat [READ, ROTATE] Who would youvote for?IF OTHER OR DK (3,9 IN Q.7) ASK:Q.7a As of TODAY, do you LEAN more to [READ, ROTATE IN SAME ORDER AS Q.7]?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:Bush/Kerry/Other/Lean BushLean KerryDKMay, 200445505=100Late March, 200446477=100Mid-March, 200443525=100Late February, 200444488=100Early February, 200447476=100Early January, 200452417=100October, 200350428=100May, 200046 Bush45 Gore9=100April, 199640 Dole54 Clinton6=100May, 199246 Bush, Sr. 43 Clinton11=100May, 198840 Bush, Sr. 53 Dukakis7=100THOSE WHO CHOSE JOHN KERRY (IN Q.7/Q.7a), ASK:Q.8Would you say that your choice is more a vote FOR John Kerry or more a vote AGAINST GeorgeW. Bush?THOSE WHO CHOSE GEORGE W. BUSH (IN Q.7/Q.7a), ASK:Q.9Would you say that your choice is more a vote FOR George W. Bush or more a vote AGAINSTJohn Kerry?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:----------- KERRY ------------------------- BUSH --------------Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti-Un-Other/2004TotalKerryBushdecidTotal BushKerrydecidDKMay501532345331025=100Late Mar47172734636827=100Mid-Mar52212924334725=100Feb47153024739626=100----------- GORE------------------------- BUSH --------------Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti-Un-Other/2000TotalGoreBushdecidTotalBushGoredecidDKNov4529142412712214=100Sept4730143412414312=100----------- CLINTON ----------------------- DOLE ---------------------PEROT----------Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti- Un-Other/1996TotalClintonotherdecidTotalDoleotherdecidTotal Perot Other decid DKNov51331533215152945*8=100Oct51331623415181844*7=100Sept5235152341617183506=100Mar53302034115251--------6=100---------- CLINTON -------------------- BUSH --------------------PEROT-------------Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti-Un-Other/1992TotalClintonotherdecidTotal BushotherdecidTotal Perot Otherdecid DKOct48232233519133835*9=100Sept53212933820162--------9=100Aug57272823720161--------6=100Mar44132924932152--------7=100---------- DUKAKIS ----------------------- BUSH --------------Pro-Anti-Un-Pro-Anti-Un-Other/1988TotalDukakis BushdecidTotal BushDukakis decidDKOct422315450311638=100Sept442119450311546=100May532326440261137=100THOSE WHO DID NOT CHOOSE KERRY IN Q.7/7a, ASK:Q.10 Do you think there is a chance that you might vote for John Kerry in November, or haveyou definitely decided not to vote for him?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:LateMid-Late Early ------- Gore 2000 -------- Clinton -March March FebFebLate Mid- EarlyJuly May200420042004 2004 Nov OctOctOctSept June 1996 199211Chance might vote for him13131315891011131481135Decided not to vote for him3732363341444038353436384Don't know/Refused33356457564650%53%48%52%53% 55% 57%55%56% 53%54%48%55%THOSE WHO DID NOT CHOOSE BUSH IN Q.7/7a, ASK:Q.11Do you think there is a chance that you might vote for George W. Bush in November, orhave you definitely decided not to vote for him?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:LateMid-Late Early ------- Bush 2000 ---------Dole Bush,SrMarch March FebFebLate Mid- EarlyJuly May200420042004 2004Nov OctOctOctSept June 1996 19929 Chance might vote for him111110108101211151515842 Decided not to vote for him 4044434144414039383340 404 Don't know/Refused32327457663555%54%57%56%53%59%55%57%57%59%54%58% 53%ASK ALL:Regardless of who you might support in NovemberQ.12Over the past few weeks has your overall impression of [INSERT NAME; ROTATE] gotten better, gotten worse, or stayed about the same?[INTERVIEWER: IF RESPONDENT SAYS "Already bad,can't get any worse" or "Already good, can't get any better" CODE AS PUNCH 3"Stayed the same"]GottenGottenStayed aboutDon't know/BetterWorsethe sameRefuseda.George W. Bush726652=100b.John Kerry1216666=100Q.13Regardless of who you might support, who do you think is most likely to win the comingpresidential election? [READ]BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=1465]:"A Democratic Candidate"George H.W. BushEarly FebMid-JanSeptJuneMarchFebOct200420042003200319921992 199152George W. Bush, or5661476672667831John Kerry3221342220251117Don't know/Refused121819128911100100100100100100100100ASK FORM 1 ONLY:Q.14F1As I read a list of phrases, tell me if you think each phrase better describes JohnKerry or George W. Bush.(INSERT ITEM; RANDOMIZE)BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=730]:(VOL.)GeorgeJohn(VOL.)BothW. BushKerryNeither EquallyDK/Ref.a.F1Would use good judgment in a crisis4735459=100Late March, 200446362313=100Mid-March, 20044839256=100Late-October, 20004342258=100Mid-October, 20004042585=100Early October, 200036434107=100September, 20003844387=100June, 20004437568=100b.F1Personally likable4239685=100Late March, 20044040587=100Mid-March, 20044044484=100Late-October, 20004839553=100Mid-October, 20004438594=100Early October, 200041384125=100September, 200037443124=100June, 20004236796=100c.F1Honest and truthful34361749=100Late March, 2004373812310=100Mid-March, 200435391655=100Late-October, 200043321555=100Mid-October, 200038301967=100Early October, 200036321787=100September, 200035371396=100June, 200035311978=100d.F1Cares about people like me3445858=100Late March, 20043842938=100Mid-March, 20043448846=100Late-October, 20004043854=100Q.14F1 CONTINUED...(VOL.)GeorgeJohn(VOL.)BothW. BushKerryNeitherEquallyDK/Ref.Mid-October, 20004042774=100Early October, 200035441155=100September, 20003147976=100e.F1A strong leader5031847=100Late March, 200451334210=100Mid-March, 20045234446=100Late-October, 20004441663=100Mid-October, 20004239964=100Early October, 200041387104=100September, 20004438765=100f.F1Willing to take a stand,even if it's unpopular6523345=100Late March, 20045928337=100Mid-March, 20046327154=100Late-October, 20004935745=100Mid-October, 20004935655=100Early October, 20004335868=100September, 20004537855=100June, 20004632958=100g.F1Is down to earth4340836=100Late March, 20044436758=100Mid-March, 20044342555=100May, 20004146526=100h.F1Stubborn68124511=100i.F1Changes his mind too much30428515=100ASK FORM 2 ONLY:Q.15F2Regardless of who you support, which one of the presidential candidatesGeorge W. Bushor John Kerry do you think would do the best job of (INSERT ITEM; RANDOMIZE. IFRESPONDENT MENTIONS ANYONEOTHER THAN BUSH OR KERRY PROBE ONCE: "IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSEBETWEEN BUSH AND KERRY. . . " ) ?BASED ON REGISTERED VOTERS [N=735]:GeorgeJohn(VOL.)W. BushKerryNeither DK/Ref.a.F2 Improving economic conditions384859=100Late March, 20043944611=100Mid-March, 2004375328=100Q.15F2 CONTINUED...GeorgeJohn(VOL.)W. BushKerryNeitherDK/Ref.Late-October, 2000404668=100Mid-October, 20003749311=100Early October, 20003547612=100September, 20003846511=100June, 20003841516=100March, 2000424648=100b.F2 Improving the health care system2951713=100Late March, 20043346615=100Mid-March, 20042957410=100Late-October, 20003847510=100Mid-October, 20003748411=100Early October, 20003649510=100September, 20003251611=100June, 20003144619=100March, 20003151612=100c.F2 Improving education3550510=100Late March, 20043943513=100Mid-March, 2004364239=100Late-October, 20004145410=100Mid-October, 20004046311=100Early October, 20004143610=100September, 20003945412=100June, 20003444517=100March, 20004244311=100d.F2 Improving the job situation3550510=100Late March, 20043745711=100Mid-March, 2004305758=100e.F2 Making wise decisions about policies4040614=100Late March, 20043839518=100Mid-March, 20043848311=100July, 19964040614=100f.F2 Making wise decisions about whatto do in Iraq4441411=100Late March, 20044937410=100Mid-March, 2004474526=100g.F2 Defending the country from futureterrorist attacks5233510=100Late March, 20045329414=100Mid-March, 2004573247=100Q.15F2 CONTINUED...GeorgeJohn(VOL.)W. BushKerryNeither DK/Ref.h.F2 Making wise decisions aboutforeign policy4342411=100Late March, 20044438414=100Mid-March, 2004444538=100March, 20004046410=100Early September, 1996424468=100July, 19964442410=100October, 19925327911=100ASK ALL:Now thinking about IraqQ.18Do you think the U.S. made the right decision or the wrong decision in using militaryforce against Iraq?RightWrongDon't know/decisiondecisionRef.May, 200451427=100Late April, 200454379=100Early April, 200457358=100Mid-March, 200455396=100Late February, 200460328=100Early February, 200456395=100Mid-January, 200465305=100Early January, 2004622810=100December, 200367267=100Q.18 CONTINUED...RightWrongDon't know/decisiondecisionRef.October, 200360337=100September, 200363316=100August, 200363307=100Early July, 200367249=100May, 200374206=100April 10-16, 200374197=100April 8-9,200374197=100April 2-7, 200372208=100March 28-April 1, 200369256=100March 25-27, 200374215=100March 23-24, 200374215=100March 20-22, 200371227=100Late January, 199177159=100Q.19How well is the U.S. military effort in Iraq going? [READ IN ORDER]VeryFairlyNot tooNot at allDon't know/wellwellwellwellRef.May, 2004103632193=100Late April, 2004124326154=100Early April, 2004144326134=100Mid-March, 2004164526112=100Early February, 2004174623113=100Mid-January, 200422511863=100Early January,200423471875=100December, 200328471663=100October, 2003164425114=100September, 200315472693=100August, 2003194324113=100Early July, 200323521654=100April 10-16, 20036132313=100April 8-9, 20036032332=100April 2-7, 20035537323=100March 25-April 1, 20033946825=100March 23-24, 20034541626=100March 20-22, 20036525217=100Q.20Do you think the U.S. should keep military troops in Iraq until a stable governmentis established there, or do you think the U.S. should bring its troops home as soonas possible?LateEarly EarlyApril April JanOctSept2004200420042003 200353 Keep troops in Iraq535063586442 Bring troops home40443239325 Don't know/Refused76534100100100100100100Q.21 Thinking about the people you know, would you say they are becoming LESS emotionallyinvolved in the news from Iraq than they were, MORE emotionally involved, or are thepeople you know about as involved as they had been?26Less emotionally involved33More emotionally involved36About as involved as they have been1Mixed / Some more, some less (VOL.)4Don't know/Refused (VOL.)100Q.22 Regardless of how you yourself feel about the war in Iraq, do you think CRITICISM ofhow the war is being handled is UNpatriotic, is patriotic, or neither?22Is UNpatriotic23Is patriotic49Neither6Don't know/Refused (VOL.)100ASK IF 1 OR 2 IN Q.22Q.22aWhy do you feel that way? [OPEN END: DO NOT PROBE]NOTE: RESPONSES NOT CODED.USED FOR ANALYSIS IN REPORTQUESTIONS N.1 TO N.3 WERE ASKED MAY 5 TO MAY 9 ONLY [N=1203]:N.1How much, if anything, have you heard about reports of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners byU.S. troops a lot, a little, or nothing at all?58A lot34A little7Nothing at all1Don't know/Refused100N.2Did you happen to see any of the pictures on which the reports of mistreatment are based,or not?FallujaEarly April200476Yes5524No45*Don't know/Refused*100100N.3Based on what you've seen or heard, do you think the press is giving too much, toolittle, or the right amount of attention to these reports?36Too much17Too little39Right amount8Don't know/Refused100ASK ALL:Now, I have just a few questions about you and your familyEMPLOYAre you now employed full-time, part-time or not employed?Full-timePart-timeNot employedDon't know/Ref.May, 20045410351=100Late February, 2004491239*=100Early February, 2004511336*=100June, 2002551035*=100June, 2001541135*=100January, 20015212351=100Late September, 1999561331*=100August, 19995811301=100Early September, 1998551233*=100November, 1997551233*=100May, 1997531235*=100June, 1996571330*=100February, 1995551134*=100July, 1994551233*=100March, 19945314321=100IF EMPLOYED FULL OR PART TIME" (1,2 IN EMPLOY) ASK [N=1167]:Q.24 Do you now earn enough money to lead the kind of life you want, or not?YesNoDK/RefMay, 200451481=100Late February, 200453461=100June, 200243561=100January, 200143561=100Late September, 19994258*=100August, 199939601=100Early September, 19984357*=100November, 19974159*=100May, 19974654*=100June, 19964456*=100February, 199541581=100July, 19944060*=100Q.24 CONTINUED...YesNoDK/RefMarch, 19944456*=100October, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report. 36631=100August, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report33661=100May, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report34651=100January, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report3961*=100IF 'NO' (2 IN Q.24) ASK:Q.25Do you think you will be able to earn enough money in the future to lead the kind of lifeyou want, or not?YesNoDK/RefMay, 200425194=48%Late February, 200426191=46%June, 200230233=56%January, 200133212=56%Late September, 199933232=58%August, 199938193=60%Early September, 199836201=57%November, 199733242=59%May, 199734182=54%June, 199634202=56%February, 199535203=58%July, 199434242=60%March, 199433203=56%October, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report35365=63%August, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report36255=66%May, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report34283=65%January, 1992 U.S. News & W. Report34225=61%IF NOT EMPLOYED OR DK/REF (3,9 IN EMPLOY) ASK [N=633]:Q.26Do you now have enough income to lead the kind of life you want, or not?Late Feb200450Yes4847No503Don't know/Refused2100100IF 'NO' (2 IN Q.26) ASK:Q.27Do you think you will have enough income in the future to lead the kind of life you want,or not?Late Feb200418Yes2125No234Don't know/Refused647%50%
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