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America Admired, Yet Its New Vulnerability Seen As Good Thing, Say Opinion Leaders

Survey Methodology

In this research we sought to gauge opinion among a wide range of influentials. To systematically accomplish this goal, the International Herald Tribune, Princeton Survey Research Associates (PSRA) and PSRA’s partner research firms overseas compiled lists of 10 influential people in each of five diverse categories–politics, media, business, culture and government. The lists were based on the following guidelines:

Politics: Current or former elected officials at the national level who are influential in international affairs or international economics; political activists who are influential in international affairs or have been active in anti-globalization, environmental or development activities.

Media: Columnists, journalists and editors in print or electronic media who are responsible for the international material covered in their newspaper or broadcast.

Business: CEOs or other senior business people who conduct business internationally; financial consultants or business experts who are known for their international expertise; labor leaders.

Culture: Influential religious leaders; writers or academics who write about international affairs such as globalization, international, environmental and cultural issues.

Government: Current or former senior members of government who deal with international affairs, trade or international finance.

Princeton Survey Research Associates (PSRA) reviewed each research firm’s lists to ensure that they fit the above criteria. From each of the five lists compiled, two names were randomly selected to be interviewed. In most countries outside the U.S., a total of 10 interviews were conducted in each country, two from each category. In four countries, more than 10 interviews were conducted (12 in Korea, 11 in Mexico, 11 in Spain and 11 in Turkey). In these four countries, the interviews were weighted so that each country outside the U.S. had the same number of interviews.

In the U.S., 40 interviews were conducted–10 media, 6 culture, 10 business, 6 politics and 8 government. These interviews were conducted by Pew Research Center for the People and the Press and PSRA. The International Herald Tribune conducted the interviews in Britain, France, India, Korea and Japan.

All 275 interviews were conducted between Nov. 12 and Dec. 13, 2001.

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