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Frequently Asked Questions About The Pew Voices Survey

Were you recently invited to take a Pew Voices Survey? Here is some additional information about the study. For further questions, please contact

Who is Pew Research Center?
Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. We are a staff of 160 people. We give Americans a chance to share how they feel about what’s going on near them and across the U.S. Learn more about us at

What is the survey about?
The survey asks about a few different topics. For example, it will ask how interested you are in politics and public affairs, what you think of economic conditions, and whether or not you vote in elections.

How was I selected?
Your name and address were randomly selected from a database compiled from publicly available government records of U.S. voters and from other lists. All American adults had a chance of being selected for this survey.

How long is the survey?
It takes most people about 10 minutes to complete.

How do you use my answers?
We provide information that leaders and others use to make decisions and form opinions. Information that we provide is often used by students for learning, on the news to keep people up-to-date, and by local groups to help communities.

We value your privacy.
We will never sell your information or release your name or identifying information to the public. Participation in this survey is voluntary.

How do I receive the $5 for completing this survey?
If you complete the online survey, you will be paid immediately at the end of the survey via an electronic gift card. You will have a choice between an Amazon gift code or a Virtual Visa gift card.

Who is SSRS?
SSRS is a non-partisan public opinion research firm handling the data collection for this study. For more information about SSRS, please visit

We are a member of the American Association of Public Opinion Research’s Transparency Initiative and pledge to follow its Code of Ethics, including provisions requiring the protection of survey participants’ privacy.