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In 2008, I summarized Pew Internet’s health findings in 7 words of wisdom:

Recruit doctors. Let e-patients lead. Go mobile.*

Four years later, I’m banging the same drum, but with even more data to back it up. The market for mobile-ready health information continues to grow, even as health apps are just simmering along (in terms of consumer adoption, anyway).

Today’s report, “Mobile Health 2012,” is the first of a series based on a survey fielded by the Pew Internet Project and the California HealthCare Foundation. Our plan is to release one report every four weeks (or so), so stayed tuned to (and apologies to anyone whose email I don’t return since I’ll be spending more time in my writing cave).

Here is a round-up of reactions I’ve seen to the new mobile health data — thanks to each one of the authors for taking the time to write about it:

Pew: 19 percent of smartphone users have health apps, by Jonah Comstock

Three years of stagnant health app adoption, by Brian Dolan

Pew Research launch Mobile Health 2012, by David Doherty

How smart phones help me be a better doctor, by Claire McCarthy, MD

Pew survey finds mobile health adoption growing, by Gus Sentementes

I can’t wait to participate in all the conversations that will stem from this research. I learn from each person who reaches out with a reaction, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, by email, in a blog post, or a mainstream media article. If you have thoughts to share — or see an article I missed — please post in the comments on my blog or find me online!

* I later updated it to reflect the fact that we need all health professionals to participate, so: “Recruit clinicians.”

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