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Keeping it real at high-tech health conferences

Two high-tech health events were held last week — an East Coast-West Coast data-driven smackdown. I chose East, but my eyes kept straying West, and I am very thankful that the organizers for both are archiving the videos online.

Here are a couple of stand-outs, first from Living By Numbers in New York City:

Jennifer Kurkoski and Brian Welle talked about how Google engages in behavioral design to help people avoid gaining weight even as they are surrounded by delicious food. Obvious tip: use smaller plates and you’ll eat less. Non-obvious tip: don’t trick people, tell them what you’re doing and bring them into the game you’re playing. (Watch the video.)

Meantime, in San Francisco, Alexandra Drane of Eliza Corp. regaled Strata Rx with her insights about how caregiving and stress might be even more serious health threats than diabetes and high blood pressure:

I loved how both of these presentations focused on the reality of people’s lives. That’s where I focus my energy and time. As I said at Medicine X (and plan to say at Connected Health): the best way to anticipate the future is to understand – and respect – what people are doing today.

For further inspiration, please see:

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If you see other summaries of these events — or the other excellent meetings which took place last week — please let me know on Twitter.

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