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Youth online safety resource now available

The Internet Safety Task Force is a group of researchers, activists, and businesses convened by the states’ Attorneys General to spend a year taking a deep look at online safety, including pre-existing research, research gaps and available solutions.

As a part of the process, Andrew Schrock and danah boyd created an extensive literature review and assembled a Research Advisory Board (of which I am a member) to give guidance and feedback on the review document.

A nearly final draft of the review, titled Online Threats to Youth: Solicitation, Harassment and Problematic Content, is now publicly available. The document will be included as an appendix to the final report, set for public release at the beginning of 2009. Andrew, danah and the advisory board are seeking public comment on the document. We hope that you’ll take a look, and give your feedback in advance of its more formal January release. Please address any feedback on the draft to danah through her website at

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