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Most People in 35 Countries Say China Has a Large Impact on Their National Economy


This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals.

Laura Silver, Associate Director, Global Attitudes Research
Christine Huang, Research Associate
Laura Clancy, Research Analyst
Andrew Prozorovsky, Research Assistant

Dorene Asare-Marfo, Panel Manager
Sarah Austin, Research Assistant
Peter Bell, Associate Director, Design and Production
Janakee Chavda, Assistant Digital Producer
Manolo Corichi, Research Analyst
Jonathan Evans, Senior Researcher
Moira Fagan, Research Associate
Janell Fetterolf, Senior Researcher
Shannon Greenwood, Digital Production Manager
Sneha Gubbala, Research Assistant
Anna Jackson, Editorial Assistant
Hannah Klein, Senior Communications Manager
Gar Meng Leong, Communications Manager
Kirsten Lesage, Research Associate
Jordan Lippert, Research Assistant
Carolyn Lau, International Research Methodologist
John Carlo Mandapat, Information Graphics Designer
William Miner, Research Assistant
Patrick Moynihan, Associate Director, International Research Methods
Georgina Pizzolitto, Research Methodologist
Jacob Poushter, Associate Director, Global Attitudes Research
Dana Popky, Associate Panel Manager
Sofia Hernandez Ramones, Research Assistant
Sofi Sinozich, International Research Methodologist
Maria Smerkovich, Research Associate
Kelsey Jo Starr, Research Analyst
Brianna Vetter, Administrative Associate
Richard Wike, Director, Global Attitudes Research

We appreciate the following individuals for advising us on strategic outreach: Eugenia Mitchelstein, Associate Professor of Communication at Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina); Naziru Mikail Abubakar, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Trust (Nigeria); Sebastián Lacunza, Columnist at (Argentina); Anton Harber, Executive Director at the Campaign for Free Expression and Founder of the Mail & Guardian (South Africa); and Admire Mare, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Johannesburg (South Africa); ); and Monicah Waceke Ndungu, Chief Operating Officer, Nation Media Group (Kenya).

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