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How Israeli Society Has Unified, and Divided, in Wartime


This report is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of the following individuals.

Laura Silver, Associate Director, Global Attitudes Research
Maria Smerkovich, Research Associate

Sarah Austin, Research Assistant
Laura Clancy, Research Analyst
Alan Cooperman, Director, Religion Research
Manolo Corichi, Research Analyst
Jonathan Evans, Senior Researcher
Moira Fagan, Research Associate
Janell Fetterolf, Senior Researcher
Anna Jackson, Editorial Assistant
Gar Meng Leong, Communications Manager
Kirsten Lesage, Research Associate
Carolyn Lau, International Research Methodologist
John Carlo Mandapat, Information Graphics Designer
William Miner, Research Assistant
Patrick Moynihan, Associate Director, International Research Methods
Georgina Pizzolitto, Research Methodologist
Jacob Poushter, Associate Director, Global Attitudes Research
Andrew Prozorovsky, Research Assistant
Sofia Hernandez Ramones, Research Assistant
Sofi Sinozich, International Research Methodologist
Kelsey Jo Starr, Research Analyst
Brianna Vetter, Administrative Associate
Richard Wike, Director, Global Attitudes Research

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