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Modbama: A Budding Bromance

Special to Foreign Policy

What a difference 16 months have made in U.S.-India relations. The spring 2014 election of Narendra Modi as India’s prime minister has buoyed what had been an often fractious bilateral relationship with Washington. With an extremely popular Modi at their nation’s helm, the Indian public has a sense of confidence in dealing with the United States. Pro-American sentiment in the country is on the rise. And, for their part, Americans have caught some of the Modi fever. Their views of India are rebounding.

Modi meets President Barack Obama in New York on Monday, Sept. 28, during the annual United Nations General Assembly. This relationship is becoming one of Obama’s closest international bonds: Modi visited the White House last year, and Obama reciprocated this past January by becoming the first U.S. president to participate in India’s Republic Day celebration.

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