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May 2005 Survey Data

17-nation survey conducted April 20 – June 16, 2005

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    Truly a World Wide Web

    Computer usage and internet access have gone global. In many countries the growth has been fastest among people older than 50, according to a new Pew Global Attitudes report.

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    Russia’s Weakened Democratic Embrace

    The latest Pew Global Attitudes poll finds the Russian people would choose a strong economy over a good democracy by a margin of almost six to one.

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    China’s Optimism

    On his Beijing trip, President Bush will visit a nation whose people are upbeat about their past and future personal advancement as shown in newly released survey data.

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    U.S. Image Up Slightly, But Still Negative

    Anti-Americanism in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which surged as a result of the U.S. war in Iraq, shows modest signs of abating. But the United States remains broadly disliked in most countries surveyed, and the opinion of the American people is not as positive as it once was.

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